PROBLEM: By age 35, you have lost over 50% of Stem Cell activity
By age 65, you will lose almost ALL of Stem Cell activity

FACT: The LESS Stem Cell activity you have – the FASTER you age and the SLOWER you heal

SOLUTION: Thanks to a historical and affordable scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology you can Activate Your Own Stem Cells (without painful & expensive injections) and Feel, Look and Live Younger… even decades Younger!
And it costs as little as a cup of coffee a day!

Lifewave x39 patches help to restore, rejuvenate and stimulate stem cell renewal.

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Lifewave x39 Testimonials

‘After 7 days the pain was gone’
I had [problems] with my teeth. I used X39™ for 3 days, and already two of these teeth have healed. After 7 days of X39™, the pain from this problem was all gone. I believe I have just saved a huge amount of money on dental [work].


The healing curve is faster
For 6 month I have had right knee trouble, some menisci issues, really painful and a lot of swelling. It was getting better slowly with less pain and less swelling. I put the X39™ patch directly on the knee and I can verify that it is a lot better and healing curve is faster. After 2 weeks the pain had eased off and I could put more and more weight on the leg. Now after 4 weeks my knee is stronger, and I am climbing the stairs and cycle without any problem. I am still putting it on to make sure that the cartilage will heal profoundly. Thank you ever so much for X39™


Lifewave Testimonials


“Energy…Better Sleep…Mental Clarity”

‘I’m using them for one week:

– improved energy
– better sleep
– amazing sensation of serenity and mental clarity’


It makes a really good feeling on my back, I have a disc prolapse and had surgery in 2007. I patch local on my back and it makes a big difference!!!!!I LOVE IT !!!!!!!


Great, life saving products with more amazing products to come. My life is so much happier now without the pain.

-Teresa Opara

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